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Photography as Healer
By Judith Farber
Mar 28, 2014, 14:34

Bangkok Šjudith farber

Traveling to remote lands in the back of a moving vehicle with camera in hand has been liberating, and how this love affair first began. Other than my children, life hasn't presented itself with any other rewards that come close to the purity of satisfaction I feel from this creative and inspiring calling.

I feel fearless with a camera. Having grown up extremely shy, the camera empowered me and I transformed. I could walk into any event and talk to strangers. I met and photographed various musicians in the 60's and 70's during and after a concert. None of this would be remotely possible without this black box around my neck.

It's that powerful. It became my security and my protector. It has the capacity to stop a moment in time that never presents itself in that sameness. And when I've captured a moment, I am deeply elated and extremely exhilarated.

This gratification is therapeutic. For just around the corner is yet another hidden and exciting challenge that awakens my soul, reminding me just how alive I am!

China Šjudith farber
With so little time to capture the slightest essence of a subject, I often concentrate on the eyes, where their story is told. Who are these people? What kind of lives have they led? What are their challenges, fears and joys?

When I capture the intimacy of a subject's memory, their pain, their secrets, their dreams, their quests, I also grow. I touch them in their loneliness, making sense of how deeply layered we all are.

For it is not by mere chance or accident that I am photographing all parts of myself.

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