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By Double Exposure contributor
Mar 15, 2014, 12:00

Are you stuck taking the same mediocre images?  Do you wonder if your photos are even good? Wouldn't it help to have a professional view your work with a constructive evaluation to include feedback, suggestions and tips?

1. Purchase a decent camera (current point and shoot to any current DSLR)
2. Learn how to use the functions of your camera, take technical classes
3. Learn composition/framing skills
4. Learn basic post processing skills (via iPhoto, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc).
5. Have your photos Critiqued/Reviewed by a professional

Each step is equally important. And yes, the last step is as crucial as 1-4. By attaining a greater understanding of the critiquing process, it will become a significant, invaluable tool that could forever alter the way you shoot and view images.

The purpose of critiques is to offer one's impression of a photo. Since we are all coming from varied backgrounds, this creates varying opinions. A good thing. But remember a critique is NOT a criticism. People tend to confuse them. There is no place in critiques for criticism, using nastiness in thought or words, egotism, direct put-downs, photo bashing, etc (you get the picture).

The Image Review Session is done by a professional photographer with years of experience and credibility. Finding something to like about an image, no matter how small, is part of the larger puzzle. Remember to create an image that evokes an emotion, and unfortunately, since images are personal to the photographer, the critiques can often feel personal, no matter how much we wish it were not so. Once we understand the sensitivity involved, we have a better understanding of the larger "picture," improving your skills as a photographer.

(The main website: Sundays In NY)

Why Need Your Images Critiqued?

1. Find out what is and is not working, creating better images.
2. Understand how to use simple post processing tools for strong, impactful images.
3. Learn to self-edit
4. Uncover your style and passion, feel excited and inspired to get out and shoot with a clearer direction.
5. Your vision expands, see the world in a different way.

Having a professional photographer offer critiques and suggestions about your images moves your photography to a higher level. After just one critiquing webinar or private session, there's improvement in not only composing with impact but also discovering how to expand your vision for future shots. Your photos are evaluated along with a lot of encouragement. Hearing the reaction to your photo is a gift, accompanied by straightforward comments on the photo's strengths and weaknesses. Participants come away with constructive information and a clearer direction.

Work either one on one or participate in the new group Critiquing Webinar with Judith Farber, who's coached amateur to professional photographers for the past 16 years and judged major contests worldwide, Adobe, Canon, Sandisk. Participation results in proficiency in how you frame images, while utilizing very simple basic post processing tools.

This is not a criticizing session, or hear your photo is nice. These comments are not helpful as learning tools. Explanations are honest, with kind intent, reviving your passion while staying positive and inspiring. Clearly understanding how/why your photos work, or not. We delve deeper together into the composition and the technical, with a better sense in how to see before clicking the shutter.

What To Expect From The Image Critique Session
1. First impression, does the image have impact?
2. Is it technically strong with excellent composition?
3. What works /what doesn't, how to improve/fix using various tools to enhance the image, producing a stronger image, and stronger portfolio
4. The Photographer's eye, delve deeper into how you see
5. Understand the value of self-editing
6. Identify your photographic style

The Importance of Getting Feedback On Your Images
Often a common theme is found when viewing images, resulting in a recurring thread in how you shoot and what your eye is drawn to. This information is beneficial in creating consistently good images, while recognizing a possible style. Most participants are unaware of having a particular style. If we observe a commonality amongst your photography, what you photograph going forward will change (read feedback from past participants).

A more accomplished photographer appears as you begin to grasp the skill called self-editing. Even though it's a challenge to be unbiased about our work, it is crucial to know  if we are heading in the right direction. After hearing continuous feedback on what works, a personal awareness emerges. Just a small tweaking or cropping can completely change an image. Become proficient in the self-editing process.

As The Photographer
Listening to feedback might be challenging for some to hear. To achieve the best outcome, we recommend it not be taken personally. The goal is for improvement, with the openness to hearing new ideas. The sessions are always a safe haven.

Listen to this audio on the Image Critique Session:audio

The Details
The Image Critique sessions are accessible from all over the world for beginners to professionals. It's a phone conversation in the privacy of your home, where we view your images together online. The average viewing is 1 minute per image, for private sessions plan on 20 images per 30 minutes, 45 images per 60 minutes, for the Webinar 5 images per person.

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NEW:  Group Critiquing Webinars have begun. Look for the schedule on the Calendar Page

The Photo Critique Private or Webinar Sessions will be the most valuable $ you will ever spend to improve your photos!

It's All About the Feedback

I underestimated how interesting it could be for me, of course I knew every single word you would say about my pictures is going to be good feedback and Iím going to learn from it. I was really glad to learn what you said about the otherís pictures, very interesting to hear. I should do a critique every time I do a shooting. Iím always in the middle of should I keep them or should I throw them away. I donít know exactly what to do, and in 5 minutes you showed me what I should do. I loved this Webinar! Ė Bruno

It was great to be part of this! What I found especially valuable was the opportunity to see your process with all of the images submitted by the group Ė some work very different than mine.
Itís been a year since we had our Review, which was also quite helpful to me. This was similar, but in some ways more refreshing in its spontaneity Ė I didnít have a personal history with the other photos in the group. Highly recommended as a way of changing old habits and moving oneís vision along! Thank you ! Ė Anthony

Judith took great care in evaluating each photograph and highlighting strengths and areas for improvement and why. The on-line technology worked very well and we were all able to view the photos simultaneously. I not only learned when she critiqued my work but also the photos of others who were participating on the call. Understanding what works and doesnít work in my photos is critical in my improvement as a photographer. Thank you Judith for a productive session. Ė Helena

Thank you for a very productive webinar. Not only did you validate my thoughts about photos that I was happy with as well as those that troubled me, but you suggested and demonstrated some very simple fixes. Another plus was being able to ask questions of and exchange ideas with other participants, as well as objectively evaluating and absorbing your comments on their photos. All this from the comfort of home! I look forward to another class!- Tony

I read somewhere I don't remember where, that doing an Image Review with you can even change your life. Well, I have to say this certainly had some merit. I came in skeptical but by the end of our hour session, I was blown away by your observations of my work and how quickly you found my style and strengths. So needed and grateful to you. Amazing! Thank you Judith - Stephen

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, you did a critique of my photos last year :) I wanted to let you know I was interviewed on a local York tv show called Culture and Main. . I am on episode 18 6/6/13. For my photos on Edge Of A Moment Photography, I just wanted to let you know! Your critique helped me a lot, and I wanted to share I am slowly getting my name out! - Jessica

Judith - Thank you so very much for an honest and oh so educational hour of critiquing my photographs. I learned so very much in that quick sixty minutes. Now to go practice what I learned! - Lauren

The critiquing session helped me to see what I was missing to turn a good photo into a great one. She conveys her vision so clearly that I felt like I could really see what she was seeing and what I need to do to take my photos to the next level. It was great to get her feedback on my photos.  I feel like I learned so much in one hour about how to "see" more clearly and compose better photos. - Grace

This session stresses a set of basic principles, which like all true wisdom seems simple but is really very deep. Practice makes perfect, her critiques are insightful and constructive, and her class is a ball. She attracts a very interesting set of compatible people. - Kathleen Brady, author of Lucille The Life of Lucille Ball and Ida Tarbell Portrait Of A Muckraker.

First, I want to tell you how much I appreciated the critique session with you last week.  I found it to be so very valuable on several levels.  You provided honest, constructive comments that were encouraging and optimistic.  You helped me understand how other people might see my work and how and why an editor would select and use certain images and give direction about improving them and other images.  You also gave me the beginnings of a visual vocabulary with which I can view and edit my own images.  One practical benefit of this is to better recognize on which images it‚Äôs worth spending more digital darkroom time and which were just not strong enough at the moment of capture.  And finally, it was really nice to get your positive reactions to some of my images, which means a lot to me and points me in a couple of directions to pursue with even more passion and confidence.  - Jeffrey

I learned that just a little tweaking can transform a boring photo into a keeper. You saw things I never did. Totally worthwhile, thank you - Siobhan

I've participated in many portfolio reviews and my one hour with you was more helpful. You went over each image in great detail, I highly recommend this, money worth spent - Patricia

I got so much out of the private hour I spend with you critiquing my work. Your comments and feedback were crucial in how I proceed with my photography. thank you so much!! - Sara

I paid for 30 minutes of time and had to keep going, it was that helpful! - Bob

Not easy to find a professional to critique your work who knows her stuff. You saved me so much wasted time doing the same kind of boring snap shot photos over and over again. Now I know exactly what I am doing wrong and the improvement has been awesome. - Grant

I had no idea where to go with my photos. I was at a dead end. The encouragement saved me from scrapping photography all together. I can't believe I got my excitement back again to shoot, thank you for getting me back on track. - Lola

There was so much basic information learned from my photos being critiqued, things I would never think of. It's been helpful in going forward for my photography career. Having someone view and give advice like this has been hard to come by, and I got great tips out of it, thank you. - Marina